Background – for strong nerves only!

Animal protection in Hungary is working in worse and worse conditions year by year:

  • Based on data from animal saving organizations around 20.000 dogs are living in shelters.
  • Aside of that more than 100.000 dogs are living on the streets.
  • Shelters often says they do not have more capacity to place more dogs. This is reality, not a joke! Shelters are working with 2-3 times more dogs than their capacity, money, energy, or time could take. In a kennel there are a lot of dogs, injuries, fights are quite often. Those dogs, who cannot get kennel, are placed on chain.
  • Around 2.000 dogs are euthanized every month on illegal sites. These dogs cannot get to animal savers. These are only what we know about, reality can be even more aweful.
  • Around 2% of the animal protectors get any salary, payment for their activity. The rest of them are saving animals in their free time, beside their family, after their work time, mainly at night and on weekends.
  • In this little time they take care of animals: feed them, spay them, vaccinate them, take them to the vet, often hundreds of dogs. And yes, in the same time, they save more animals, search and catch homeless animals, even if it takes hours, take care of their injuries and their wounded soul. Meanwhile they search for supporters, ask for food, do the administration, answers the phones and emails. They never get free days. They face the irresponsible habits of keeping animals, torturing and starving. In return, their social work do not get any reward, what is more they get impatient, threatening and extortionist phone calls and emails.
  • Our job is „small” compared to theirs. We would like to help them and the dogs who are taken care by them. Because this is not their problem, but everybody’s.

The only solution for this is castration: neuter/spay.