Our works in 2015


  • We helped 84 organizations to get microchip reader tools for a reduced price >> It might sound impossible, but it is true; there were areas of 50 km where not a single chip reader was available.
  • We support 20-30 rural shelters on a monthly basis.
  • We distributed tons of objects received from private and corporate donations >> warm clothes, medicine, food.
  • Shielding in summer and wind protection in winter was a major problem in many places  >> with our contribution large enterprises helped altogether 35 organizations with large
  • We organized DIY days to many places, where we helped by painting fences, repairing dog houses and walking dogs
  • We contributed to the mandatory vaccination, chip insertion and deworming treatment of approximately 1.000 dogs
  • In collaboration with Vigyél Haza! Foundation and with the help of citizens we managed to provide dog houses to 532 dogs >> in these shelters many dogs had no kennel at all