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We received a nice message.  We literally got speechless.

When we see that our work is not useless, that we are not alone and the problems of our four-legged friends are important for others as well… a pleasant feeling of warmth runs through us; we realize how much love is actually in the world.

CNS-derived disabled children are studying in Pető Institute. The students and teachers of Group 2 decided to organize a collection for dogs. They wanted to help unknown, nameless animals selflessly and whole-heartedly… and they succeeded!

Our „Ant”, Noémi and her dog Yoda visited the students and received a warm welcome. We experienced actual wonders. The kids greeted the dachshund enthusiastically and sat around waiting to pet him one by one.

Some of them needed help to caress Yoda but their spastic movements soon became more and more delicate as they touched the dog. The joy that could be seen on their faces was simply indescribable. It was incredible to see that little girl, who stated at the beginning that she was very fond of dogs but still a bit afraid of them, to ask us to caress Yoda for a third time. She needed only one positive experience to open up towards animals and dare to touch a dog.

They collected plenty of such things which shelters always need. They brought dog and cat food, clean towels but the greatest treasure was what they created themselves. They made warm bed for small animals within the framework of a DIY craft session. Teachers were not “just” thinking about developing students’ gestures by asking them to knot the bed clothes to the sponge but the task served another purpose too; to do something good, to make warm bed for homeless animals.

They asked us to look for a shelter where their offering would be gladly accepted. We intend to give all these things to the animals in the shelter of Karcag. There is a great need for help now. We offered them to deliver the donations.

It is always heartwarming when a team is formed and people begin a collection together. It is enough to look around at home in order to gather a box of donation. If your co-workers, friends or relatives would be willing to collect their excess belongings only once a year, there would be no shortage of for example used towels in the shelters.

We would like to encourage everyone; all of us can do a lot with only a little investment. IT IS GOOD TO DONATE. What we no longer need is usually a treasure for others.

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