About Us

Hungarian Situation:

We work for better and more productive animal protection, for a pet friendly society. The area of animal protection becomes every year more and more neglected. There are approximately 20.000 dogs living under the care of animal rights activists. There are more than 500.000 stray dogs living on the streets. Irresponsibility results in approximately 2.000 dogs dying in agony every month.

Unfortunately our work is becoming increasingly necessary.
Please help us, so we can do even more for abandoned, helpless animals!

Our Work in Hungary:
  • We help countrywide; we are in contact with 170 animal rights activists groups. We recognized that the problem is global and we can support multiple sites at once.
  • Periphery: we established our community to help rural shelters primarily. We are in such places where help is very rare, where the fate of animals is the last problem.
  • Our work is unique: we are the only organization that deals not with the rescue of animals but supporting animal rights activists groups and shelters that care of stray animals.
  • We are independent and impartial: we operate independently from all political parties and interest groups.
  • Sustainability is of great importance for us; we promote the significance of recycling during fundraising thus raising awareness.
  • We are reliable, operating since 2010. We have a close relationship with animal welfare organizations.
  • We are thinking in terms of a complex solution; we consider it to be our task to get Hungarian animal protection out of the current standstill. For achieving this, we need proper moral and financial support.
Who are we?

Our Foundation helps the less funded rural shelters since 2010.
Animal rights activists have no easy job.
Responsible pet ownership is unfortunately a poorly understood concept in Hungary. There is a huge overpopulation; animal cruelty and putting captured animals to sleep occurs every day.
We are trying to help shelters and animals under their care by joining forces.

Please help us, we need you!

Hangya Közösség
Ant Community Foundation