A Special Donation to Shelters


We are thinking in terms of recycling. We believe that many objects can still be re-used in some areas. Building nets are a great example of such objects. These are usually removed after the campaign is over and they are not used anymore.
Shelters however could make good use of them. These nets could serve either as sunshades or against wind and cold. They contribute to the protection of dozens of dogs.

CIB Bank donated their building nets used during their spring campaign of personal loans to the shelter of Kisvárda (Ugat-Lak). These nets are used as a shield so dogs do not have to suffer from very hot weather. The donation was supported by the Ant Community. The Ant Community has been working for less supported rural shelters for several years now. They collect and divide such used objects, assets and items that households or companies make no longer use of but can be a great way of helping shelters.


The shelter of Kisvárda was registered in 2010 and is located in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. They adopt 450-500 dogs every year from Kisvárda and surrounding villages and towns. They currently have 310 animals. The expenses of feeding, care, and medical treatment, as well as the costs of mandatory vaccinations, worming treatment, chip implantation and spaying are covered by the Foundation. Animal protection volunteers do this without governmental support and with very little local assistance, using solely their own resources.

In 2014, the shelter moved to a new location. They managed to build the concrete kennels but could not collect 1.5 Million HUF needed for the roof. There are no trees around this arable land and concrete heats up very quickly in the summer heat. Having no natural shading, dogs have no protection from the sun. The building nets came just in time and the shelter was very grateful to receive them. These nets are stretched to the top and sides of the kennels thus protecting dogs from sunlight and concrete kennels from heating up too much.

“Sustainability is a core value of the corporate culture of CIB Bank. The Company considers sustainability as a dominant idea which defines its whole operation. CIB Bank aims to utilize resources in the best possible way and avoid any kind of wasting. Recycling absolutely fits into this thought and at the same time we can help animals in need.” –said Adam Szinai, the Marketing Communications and PR Manager of CIB Bank

The shelter and CIB Bank was brought together by us, the Ant Community. We have been working for less supported rural shelters for many years. We continuously collect and divide used objects, assets and items that households or companies can no longer use, but can be re-used in the course of animal rescue and animal care.