We are in contact with 170 animal rights activists groups countrywide. We currently deliver with the help of private individuals who help us voluntarily. We are dreaming of a vehicle, which is suitable to transport goods and with which we can move donation more frequently and also in larger quantities

Full-time staff

We are all volunteers, trying to make a difference in our free time. Our team consists of professionals and experts. In the course of our work, we managed to explore the problems prevailing in Hungary and we also started to develop pathways to the solution. We clearly see where and what should be done in order to reach a European-level of animal rights protection and animal husbandry. In Hungary non-governmental organizations are not supported by governmental funds. The biggest help would be if 1 or 2 of us could do this work as a full-time job. We could be much more effective if we had more than just 2-3 hours a day. A Hungarian and a foreign coordinator position would be enough to hold those who currently help our work voluntarily together.

We would be capable of reaching greater results much faster.


We currently hire a small warehouse. Our vision is to possess a private premise. It happened many times that bigger companies offered pallets but we had to refuse the donation because the storage costs would have been more expensive than the actual value of the donation.
Solution: It would be a great opportunity for us if a generous supporter decided to invest into a Hungarian real estate, which we could rent in the long term. Thus we would have a continuous opportunity to store and transmit large amount of donations.


Our big dream is to find foreign support for the 4-5 most deprived shelters of Hungary. They are operating in a region of extreme poverty, so the conditions of animal husbandry are also disastrous. In these places it is always needed to solve a problem:

– To help to find owners to at least some of the huge amount of animals

– To cover the costs of neutering

– Special help:

For example financing a project:

  • Covering kennels so that dogs do not have to suffer from cold weather or rain
  • The acquisition of dog houses that would give protection for 2-3 dogs at once
  • Planting trees so there is some shadow in summer
  • Covering the high medical costs of some dogs with special needs
  • and so on…
Dog friendly Hungary – Spay and neuter program

Animal protection in Hungary is characterized by the worst conditions among EU countries. There are approximately 20.000 dogs living under the care of animal rights activists. There are more than 100.000 dogs living on the streets alone, without an owner. Irresponsibility results in approximately 2.000 dogs dying in agony. Dogs have no value, animal cruelty happens every day.
The only solution is prevention!
The Ant Community regularly helps in neutering thus ensuring that fewer dogs are born but more get a chance to live a better life. We want local governments to take responsibility for issues belonging to them according to law. We also help their work. Please, support our initiatives! We developed a complete program to solve the problem of stray dog sin Hungary.

Ask for the description of our aspiration, so you can always see what we are up to!