Dog house campaign

In autumn, many shelters tell us that they are in need of dog houses. Dogs have in many places no protection from cold weather or rain. On one hand, we collect and transport used dog houses that are donated by the people. One the other hand, we also prepare dog houses within the framework of our DIY days.
But the biggest help is by far those insulated, openable, „chew proof” chalets which are designed especially for shelters. These can serve the dogs for many years. Our carpenter offered to prepare these houses for free, i.e. for the price of the material he uses.
Please help our initiative and sponsor such a house for a stray animal! (The grantor’s name can be seen on the door plate with optional text and we will also let the grantor know where their house was taken so they might as well visit it.)

Warm fabrics

We have a year-round collecting of warm fabrics: used towels, blankets and bed sheets are more than welcome. We have established a collection network in Budapest. Collected things are later dispensed between animal welfare organizations at national level.
Hotels, companies, nurseries collect fabrics for us and the high level of public support also contribute to our success that we can meet the requirements of shelters all year round.

Parasite elimination

Many shelters are struggling with continuous flee invasion, which due to its volume causes allergic reactions and infections on dogs. With our Program, we undertake the decontamination of the complete shelter; each animal gets spot-on formulation against fleas and we also disinfect the entire area because the biggest problem is hiding in flea nests. Only 5% of the flea population can be found on the dogs.

Dog lovers of Hungary – Spaying

The biggest problem is the overpopulation caused by the public.
We struggle everyday with the fact that a dog constitutes no value for the people. Villages are full of stray dogs. Animal rights activists receive numerous calls a day in connection with animal cruelty.  There are approximately 20.000 dogs living under the care of animal rights activists. There are approximately 500.000 stray dogs living on the streets. We know about 2.000 cases of euthanization with inhuman methods.
There is no control over dog pond sin Hungary; prevailing conditions are terrific.  Stray animals belong to the competence of local governments but they do not care about them. Everybody expects the civil sector to solve this always growing problem without state aid. The only solution is prevention: NEUTERING.
We managed to start positive cooperation with many local governments and in those cases a noticeable change could be seen in 1-2 years.
We would like to ask local governments to participate in solving this huge problem and that they would feel that it is also their responsibility but we are here to help. It makes our work even more difficult that most settlements have NO VET to neuter. Sometimes not even in a 50-60 km radius.  We are constantly looking for supporters who would help our work. We do report about each neutered dog; our work can be tracked.